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Are you a talented professional interested in politics? The All India Professionals’ Congress (Professionals’ Congress OR AIPC), a newly-formed department of the Congress Party, is your platform to contribute to the advancement of progressive politics in India. All your work on the AIPC platform will directly feed into supporting the Congress Party’s political goals and objectives!
  • Network with like-minded peers
  • Engage with Political Leaders and Influencers
  • Contribute to Election Campaigns, Political Activism, Policy Formulation and Manifesto Design

If you have Leadership, Organizational, Technological or Management skills and if you believe in the democratic values of Liberty, Plurality, Equality and Social Justice, we want you!




Become a Fellow

Whether you are a techie from Bangalore or an entrepreneur from Kolkata, we are interested in working with you and empowering you with a voice in the political process.

All we ask of you is a deep passion for politics and an unshakeable commitment to our core, progressive tenets of Liberty, Plurality, Equality and Social Justice.

You can engage with us by applying to become an AIPC Fellow and choosing a local Chapter in your city to affiliate with.


Fellowship Privileges

  • Drive the agenda at your Local Chapter
  • Network with other Members
  • Engage with Political Leaders and Influencers
  • Assume Leadership Positions by participating in internal elections
  • Contribute to Election Campaigns, Manifesto Design, Policy Formulation and Political Activism
  • Contribute to Discussions and Commentaries and emerge as a political and policy thought leader

Fellowship Responsibilities

  • Attend regular meetings at Local Chapters
  • Participate in outreach programs and campaigns
  • Promote AIPC and expand network and Fellowship
  • Maintain a high degree of integrity and transparency in public dealings
  • Monitor and report on Government programmes and schemes in your area and nationally

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Leadership Team


“If you are a progressive-minded professional who has always wondered how to make a difference in India, this is your opportunity! I encourage all professionals to join AIPC and drive societal change!”

Dr Shashi Tharoor, Chairman, AIPC

“All India Professionals Congress is a first in that it is a unique attempt to facilitate the participation of professionals in determining the political future of our country.”

Milind Deora, Dy. Chairman and Regional Coordinator – West Zone

“I am excited about AIPC’s potential to contribute to large-scale economic, social, and political progress in the country.”

Salman Anees Soz, Regional Coordinator – North Zone

“We want to build a dynamic, vibrant and diverse organization that truly represents the composite culture of our glorious heritage.”

Dr Geeta Reddy, Regional Coordinator – South Zone

“AIPC stands for everything we are fighting for, leveraging on thought leaders and influencers to preserve liberty and equality.”

Gaurav Gogoi, Regional Coordinator – East Zone

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