AIPC Structure

AIPC is a key department of the Indian National Congress, India’s oldest and largest political movement. AIPC’s work will feed into supporting the parent party’s political goals and objectives. AIPC is a decentralized, democratic platform with a city-level ‘Chapter’ as its most basic building block. A Chapter consists of about 100 Fellows who mutually decide the agenda and activities of the Chapter. As the organization matures, the Fellows will also elect/nominate Office Bearers for the Chapter. Fellows choose their Chapters as part of their Fellowship process.

To facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration among Chapters across the country and to strengthen their connect with the Congress party, we are organized into four Zones – North, South, East and West. Each Zone will have a Regional Coordinator, who works closely with the Chapters, the AIPC Chairman and the Congress Party to ensure that the collective knowledge and capabilities of all the Chapters in the country are harnessed. They also ensure a strong connect between the Fellows and the Congress Party.