AIPC Fellows are affiliated to local Chapters. The Chapters function as autonomous units and set their own agenda and direction, broadly guided by the overall purpose of AIPC. As the organization matures, each AIPC Chapter will elect its Office Bearers through a web-based election process.

Fellows affiliated to a particular Chapter have a regular program of meetings convened by the Chapter Office Bearers. In these meetings, Fellows can discuss and plan the Chapter activities. AIPC Fellows have a responsibility to attend the meetings regularly and participate in the outreach programs and campaigns of the Chapter.

Chapter activities allows Fellows to:

  • Bring together like-minded professionals
  • Help discover new talent for Leadership positions in AIPC and INC
  • Organize seminars, workshops, events and special programs
  • Hold discussions, debates and explore new innovative ideas & actions
  • Work with Congress party leaders at various levels (local, state and national) and influence political processes
  • Help with Election campaigns, Political activism, Policy Formulation and Manifesto Design
  • Undertake social and developmental work in local areas by leveraging on the Congress party’s infrastructure and access to communities and projects
Finding a Chapter

An AIPC Chapter has a minimum of twenty-five Fellows and a maximum of hundred Fellows.

Fellows can choose their local Chapters once they complete the registration process and apply for Fellowship. Most major cities and towns in India have at least one pre-created Chapter that Fellows can choose. Larger cities may have up to four Chapters.

Requesting a new AIPC Chapter 

In case you do not find your city or town listed in the pre-created list of Chapters you can send an email to to request for addition. You will need to provide details of a minimum of twenty five new Fellows to enable the creation of the new Chapter.

When a Chapter exceeds 100 members

As soon as any AIPC Chapter attains a strength of 100 Fellows, a new Chapter is created. The process of creating this new AIPC Chapter will be specified shortly.